Harvard westlake scandal

Two weeks ago, I stormed into our kitchen to tell my mom the breaking news story of the day. My mother stirred the dinner she had been laboring over for the past few hours; she turned away from the stove to toss me a sad smile.

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When federal prosecutors accused a number of high profile individuals in scheming to place their children at prestigious colleges through fraud and bribery March 12, the country was rocked. This scandal not only illustrates the value parents place in a college education, but a dangerous disconnect between parents and their children.

But more tragically, comments from the children involved have painted a portrait of parents out of touch with their children. This concentrated fixation sends a message to young adults that outcomes are more significant than the journeys that lead to them.

We should go to college to learn and grow — not just academically, but as people. The researchers wrote that across all financial and academic indicators, the students who benefited the most from their college experience were the ones who were the most engaged in their college communities.

School counselors and deans have begun to emphasize the range of choices available to rising seniors and to be open to colleges or other options they may have never previously heard of or considered. Representatives and tour guides maintain that universities want not just the star athlete or straight-A student; they want the individual who takes risks, makes mistakes, helps siblings with homework, visits grandparents on the weekends, volunteers at the local shelter, speaks up for those who cannot, and most importantly, listens.

As a second semester senior, in a few days, I will know where I will be spending the next few years of my life.

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With my college admissions process about to conclude, however, I am not the only one that will be making this big decision. For the past year and a half, my entire family has joined me on my journey as I have prepared for standardizing tests, visited schools and filled out applications. Though I can drive and vote, I am barely an adult. Out of respect for my parents, who have sacrificed so much to even be in this country, I have listened to their input throughout this entire process.

And when I have gotten stressed out or dismayed, they have listened and supported me. My mother, who like my father moved to the U. I am grateful for their steady presence during this stressful time, but I know not many other families can find this balance.

I have recalled my own experience writing and submitting essays with minimal to no parent involvement to this day, my parents have only heard me read aloud the first draft of my personal statement.

harvard westlake scandal

Other students have unburdened the pressures their parents have placed on them for the last several months. Parents have to realize that in their quest to make their children happy, they may sometimes unknowingly jeopardize their happiness.

It will take time, but with more communication and trust, it is possible that families can come together to support one another during this process. Parents can openly articulate their personal reservations and desires to their children, but they must also be open to the wants and needs of these young adults.

Establishing these concerns early on, making plans regarding standardized testing and applications and being open to suggestions from school administrators and others who have gone through the process before are all good steps to take. In a few days I will receive my last college decisions.

And regardless of the results, I know my parents will be proud of me. I hope you tend not to mind in case I talk about a portion of the information with my favorite audience. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.Harvard-Westlake School is an independent, co-educational university preparatory day school consisting of two campuses located in Los AngelesCaliforniawith approximately 1, students enrolled in grades seven through Its two predecessor organizations began as for-profit schools before turning non-profit, and eventually merging.

It is not affiliated with Harvard University despite being named after it. The school has two campuses, the middle school campus in Holmby Hills and the high school, or what Harvard-Westlake refers to as their Upper School, in Studio City. Emery as a military academyon the site of a barley field located at the corner of Western Avenue and Sixteenth Street now Venice Boulevard in Los Angeles, California.

The Westlake School for Girls was established in by Jessica Smith Vance and Frederica de Laguna in what is now downtown Los AngelesCalifornia, as an exclusively female institution offering both elementary and secondary education. The Temple family owned the school untilwith Dickinson serving in an ex officio capacity.

In Westlake became exclusively a secondary school. As both schools continued to grow in size towards the late s, and as gender exclusivity became less of a factor both in the schools' reputations and desirability, the trustees of both Harvard and Westlake effectuated a merger in The two institutions had long been de facto sister schools, and interacted socially.

Complete integration and coeducation began in Insix sophomores were expelled and more than a dozen other students faced suspensions as a result of a cheating scandal. Currently, the school is split between the two campuses, with grades 7—9, the Middle School, located at the former Westlake campus in Holmby Hills and grades 10—12, the Upper School, located at the former Harvard campus in Studio City.

The Middle School completed a four-year modernization in Septemberreplacing the original administration building, [13] the library, and the instrumental music building. The campus now features a new library, two levels of classrooms in the Academic Center, the new Seaver Science Center, a turf field, a new administration office, a putting green, a long jump pit, and a large parking lot.

Another significant addition of the project was the Bing Performing Arts Center which features a two-level, seat theater, a suite of practice rooms, a few large classrooms for band, orchestra, and choir classes, a black box theater, a dance studio, and a room with atomic pianos for composing electronic music. Reynolds Hall, an academic building which is home to history, foreign language, and visual arts classes, began a modernization effort in June to be completed by September The Upper School features the Munger Science Center and computer lab; the Rugby building which houses the English department, seat theater, costume shop, and drama lab; the Seaver building, home to the foreign language and history departments as well as administrative offices and the visitor lobby; Chalmers, which houses the performing arts and math departments, book store, cafeteria, sandwich window, and student lounge; Kutler, which houses the Brendan Kutler Center for Interdisciplinary Studies and Independent Research [16] [17] and the Feldman-Horn visual arts studios, dark room, video labs, and gallery.

The Upper School campus also features the three-story Seeley G. Among the seniors, there were 27 National Merit Semifinalists. Out of the approximately graduates between andtwenty or more matriculated at the following universities: Barnard 20Brown 33Colgate 20Columbia 37Cornell 36Duke 20Emory 24Georgetown 21Harvard 45Johns Hopkins 23Kenyon 22New York University 83Northwestern 31Stanford 38Tulane 25U.Douglas Hodge and Michelle Janavs, two of the parents charged in the wide-reaching probehave resigned from their positions on the board of trustees for the famed Sage Hill School in Newport Beach.

They are accused of paying bribes to get their children into schools with fake athletic achievements. Law enforcement sources told The Times that several top private schools in the L. Although the prep schools are not targets of the investigation, prosecutors want to know whether the parents and others accused in the case sought or received help from the schools, the sources said.

One of them is Jane Buckingham, a marketing guru whose daughter attended the school until last year. She has pleaded not guilty. Singer, who has pleaded guilty to a slew of federal charges and cooperated with the federal government since September, ran his for-profit college counseling business and the nonprofit he used to funnel bribes from wealthy parents to college administrators and coaches from Newport Beach.

He had ties to Sage Hill School and L.

Commons addresses college cheating scandal

A charging document states the Sage Hill School trustee worked with Singer as far back as Tennis Assn. The following month, she was accepted. She attended USC that fall, but did not join the soccer team. She bribed a USC senior associate athletic director last year to falsely pitch her older daughter as a competitive beach volleyball player who won multiple tournaments in California, according to court documents. Through Singer, she also allegedly arranged for her daughter to take the ACT with extended time at a West Hollywood test center in She scored a 32 out of Janavs appeared to be frustrated, because the daughter told her that she wanted to take the test over and over until she scored a USC said that six applicants in the current cycle who are linked to the scheme will be denied admission.

The university is reviewing, one by one, the cases of current students and graduates involved in the scam. But the fallout extends far beyond the families and administrators involved in the scandal.

Two Stanford University students on Wednesday filed a federal class-action lawsuit against eight colleges ensnared in the scandal, alleging that the rigged system denied them a fair chance to matriculate at the elite institutions and could tarnish their degrees.

Erica Olsen and Kalea Woods allege they were among those cast aside in the admissions process. Olsen had nearly perfect SAT and ACT scores and had participated in dance, qualifying for the elite dancing squad at Stanford, when she graduated from high school. Woods has a similar story, according to the lawsuit.

The students also claim that since Stanford is linked to the scandal, their degrees may be tainted. One of their concerns is that prospective employers may now question whether they were admitted to the university on their own merits or whether their parents were willing to pay bribes to guarantee their admission, according to the lawsuit.

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How a bombshell bribery scandal illuminates the 'corruption' of college admissions

Times News Platforms. Times Store. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. Harvard-Westlake in Studio City is among the private schools that received subpoenas from prosecutors seeking information about students involved in the college admissions scandal.

The prep schools are not targets of the investigation. March 14, Sign Me Up.Six sophomores were expelled and more than a dozen other students faced suspensions Tuesday in a cheating scandal that has rocked Harvard-Westlake, a top-tier Los Angeles private school with a national reputation for its academics. Administrators said students conspired to steal Spanish and history tests by distracting teachers in their classrooms. The tests were then shown to several other students before midterm exams last month, said Harvard-Westlake President Thomas Hudnut.

The history department had become suspicious about the world and Europe II exams when several students scored exceptionally well.

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Then on Feb. The six students accused of stealing the exams will not be allowed to return to the school. Students accused of viewing advance copies of the Spanish III and world history tests were suspended for varying lengths of time, Hudnut said.

harvard westlake scandal

The honor board issued expulsions in part because the acts were premeditated, Hudnut said. Hudnut said it was unlikely that the students in those classes would be required to retake the exams, since most students did not cheat. Those who admitted viewing the tests, however, will probably have their grades adjusted. The cheating scandal has provoked a wave of self-reflection at the closely knit campus, where about students are enrolled.

An additional students attend the middle school in Holmby Hills. Earlier this month, six middle school students were expelled for violations related to drug possession. Those students would be allowed to reapply, but admission was not guaranteed, Hudnut said. According to a national survey of high school students by the Los Angeles-based Josephson Institute of Ethics, young people display deeply entrenched habits of dishonesty. The Report Card on the Ethics of American Youth, a biennial national survey, found high rates of cheating, lying and theft.

Hudnut conceded that the incident probably would harm relationships between some students and teachers on the campus, at least initially. Hot Property. About Us. Brand Publishing. Times News Platforms. Times Store. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. Carla Rivera. Follow Us. Carla Rivera is an assistant editor in Metro who previously covered higher education for the Los Angeles Times.In Hollywood, it is generally understood that few things are harder than getting your movie made.

One of those things may be getting your child into the Center for Early Education, a progressive elementary school off Melrose Avenue, founded in by a group of psychoanalysts. Popular with the entertainment community—the spawn of Jodie Foster, Jack Nicholson, Barbra Streisand, Mel Brooks, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Eisner and Denzel Washington have matriculated there—the Center, as alumni call it, receives 1, applications annually for 60 spots: 30 two-year-olds, 14 three-year-olds and 16 kindergartners.

The school, which goes through the sixth grade, has students. The Hudnuts may not have the paparazzi pull of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, but they have been known to keep the occasional studio chief quaking in his Gucci loafers. The two schools are also distinct in terms of atmosphere. Competition is so fierce that legacies, says Deedie, are not necessarily admitted, though spots are almost always reserved for siblings.

In contrast, Harvard-Westlake is so academically rigorous that it attracts a specific type of applicant.

harvard westlake scandal

He sits behind a regal desk in his office overlooking the Harvard-Westlake upper campus in the San Fernando Valley, classical music pumping through the speakers. But the Hudnuts are quite comfortable dealing with high-maintenance moms and dads. Albans School and she at the nearby Beauvoir elementary school.

Wealth, of course, is on prominent display at both schools. And then you see this four-year-old in them, and you think, No! Last fall Juno director Jason Reitman, class ofstarted a filmmaking lecture series, which kicked off with an appearance by Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody.

Paparazzi arrived in droves. The Center, meanwhile, is often jokingly referred to as the Center for Early Entertainment. But Deedie claims to be equally difficult to impress. None of it is automatic! A couple of years ago, paparazzi followed a couple through the gate. Recently Deedie received a movie treatment from a gay couple about their surrogacy.

No one has ever sent him a mock script. The Power Couple Behind L.

Harvard-Westlake Students Expelled for Cheating

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Necessary Always Enabled.An academic and ethical scandal has jarred the staff and students at Harvard-Westlake school, as the consequences of cheating reverberate on the school's campus. Six tenth-graders were expelled from the prestigious Valley private high school yesterday when administrators discovered they had enacted a plot to "steal Spanish and history tests by distracting teachers in their classrooms.

The tests were then shown to several other students before midterm exams last month," reports KTLA. Other students who may have had a part in the cheating by viewing the tests prior to the tests being administered face suspension. School officials were clued in to the cheating via an anonymous tip earlier this month. With the pressure to perform at the top-rung level of academics and to go on to top tier colleges, today's high school student often finds themselves overburdened, and cheating might seem like the easiest solution.

But the implications of this action has its consequences, not only in the immediacy of expulsion, but also in both the long-run for the students' academic futures, and the harm they've caused to the campus' climate of trust. Students at Harvard-Westlake are required to sign an "honor code" when they begin their schooling there, and the campus operates like a closely-knit community wherein students feel at ease leaving personal belongings laying about and form close bonds with the staff.

As a result of the announcement concerning the cheating, the school's President Thomas Hudnut has declared the incident a "breach of trust" and in an opinion piece published online on the Chronicle, the school's paper, a writer "referred to the school's reputation for 'superior academics' and said the cheating incident had 'tainted the most precious and valued aspect of the school.

There is now room to doubt the originality of previously submitted work, and the possibility that more episodes of cheating will be discovered. Harvard-Westlake has a national reputation for its students attaining high scores on standardized tests and continuing on to prestigious post-secondary institutions.

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Now six of their students face an uncertain road ahead of them as a result of their choice to take what may have seemed like an easy way out. Photo by ccarlstead via Flickr.

All rights reserved.By Corey Vann. How would I know? I was there, alongside Jonathan Martin. This nickname, which originated from his sheer size, had nothing to do with his physicality. In a world where flag football trumps Pop Warner, there was no room for brutality. However, as Martin towered over his peers, even some of his teachers, there was ample room for understanding and sympathy.

Scott Wood, who is now vice president of DRH Investments, coached Martin in both basketball and football at Harvard-Westlake, a highly regarded preparatory school in Los Angeles where Martin and I went to high school and were football teammates. Wood played college football at Boston College, graduated from Harvard-Westlake in and grew up in a similar environment to Martin.

harvard westlake scandal

We learned to solve problems with other methods. And football is the toughest game in the world. Football was never the end-all be-all for Martin. This is why Jarrail Jackson, director of player relations at Washington State and former All-Big 12 performer at the University of Oklahoma, tends to have reservations when recruiting from our high school. Whether it was playing chess with his parents as a kid, or studying ancient Greek and Roman classics at Stanford, there always was more to Martin than football.

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But was this a problem for the Dolphins? Why did this make him the perfect target for Richie Incognito? Levy, who coached in four national titles for USC, was an offensive coordinator for the Chargers and Lions, and would have wanted Martin blocking for Barry Sanders. Any coach coaching the offensive line sees things, hears things, that someone is going to mention.

Wood recalls a time when he was at Boston College when a teammate of his used a slur referring to Wood being Jewish. Because of the way I dressed, because of the way I talked. We had access to networks across the board, networks across the world. We were fortunate enough to not have football as the only avenue.

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